Aziz Motawa
Published: 28.05.2023

Kadisa (b.1996) is a Sudanese artist based in Kuwait. Kadisa’s multi disciplinary practice involves music composition, videography, and photography. The artist predominantly works with synthesisers and drum machines and has performed his electronic musical compositions at Flipside (Dubai), the French Institute (Kuwait), Satellite (Dubai), and KED (Beirut.)

Kadisa’s work in ‘Red Nile’ is a series of visual and sonic vignettes of his experiences during the 2019 Sudan Revolution.

In a conversation with Sonduke, Kadisa describes his photo essay as the following:

“Chaos took on a physical manifestation during my documentation of the protests between late April to mid-June of 2019, where due to the rapid movement of protestors and the changing points of focus, it yielded hazy and motion-filled shots which to me accurately portrayed how fast-paced such an environment is. The experience made it virtually impossible to be removed or be devoid of emotion or movement. There’s an embedded complexity to revolutions that images could portray or erase, especially regarding the human side of organized resistance, and I’m conscious of that.”