Free Palestine  فلسطين حرة

Prevailing colonial systems of oppression like that of the Zionist Israeli state are built on a language of subordination hinged on the active erasure of indigenous voices—namely, Palestinian voices.

With the persistence of structures of governance or systems of power comes the subversion and counterbalance of oppositional groups who attempt to hold those in power accountable. What contemporary thinkers term as “counterthought”—or the resistance to political rhetoric, disinformation, and propaganda—is present in Palestine and the fight for Palestinian freedom from the occupying Israeli force.  

By remembering and asserting Palestinian representation where it is otherwise missing, this act of protest resists Israel’s apartheid and strategies of erasure that confine Palestinians to the ever shrinking spaces of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Under systemic and violent threat of neo-colonial propagandist censorship and obfuscation, and unjust military violence and persecution, the conscious insistence of Palestinian presence dismantles Zionist campaigns of suppression. 

Silence in the face of this injustice enacted on the Palestinian people is a measure of complicity with the Zionist oppressor.  

As long as Israeli and Western campaigns of erasure persist, so will our unrelenting aspirations for a free Palestine. We will continue to help platform Palestinian narratives. We will not lose hope, the opposite of which is apathy and pacification.

From digital and youth activists to civic journalists, let’s keep spreading awareness and aid for Palestine. 

On behalf of the SONDUKE TEAM,

Malak Al Suwaihel

(co-founder & editor-in-chief)

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